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19th January 18
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Year 1 2015_2016


Autumn Term

Our locality / Houses and Homes


Our locality

  • Use UK map to locate Slyne along with aerial photographs of locality.
  • Draw simple picture maps of route from home to school/school grounds.
  • Use simple compass directions NSEW and directional language to describe features and routes on a map (Y2)
  • Use and construct basic symbols in a key (Y2)
  • Use simple fieldwork skills to study their school and its grounds including the key human and physical features.


Art – Observational drawing of different styles of houses in the local area. Painting skills in the style of Hunderwasser


Science: Year 1 : materials from Y1 science curriculum

Year 2 : materials from Y2 science curriculum




Seasonal Change









Year 1 Comparing old / new


Year 2 Start to introduce decades – continuity and change

DT focus


Art activities linked to the theme.

Spring Term

Our world Africa


  • Name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans (Y2)
  • Identify the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and North and South Poles.
  • Compare and contrast life in an African village with life in Slyne.


Art: 3D papier mache drums. Lots of African artwork linked to textiles – making a drum carrier.

Art: 3D artwork - lighthouses.



Year 2 Animals/ Health


We care!


PSHE / Humans / Famous carers (Florence Nightingale etc)


Year 1 Animals (humans)

Year 2 Animals survival and growth



Year 1 Study life of one nurse e.g. Florence Nightingale


Year 2 Compare and contrast the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole


Art: portraits based in the style of Paul Klee.

Science Year 1 Seasonal Change

Winter and Spring


Summer Term

       Percy the park keeper 


Animals and plants



Year 1: Plants and Animals sections of NC

Year 2 Plant Growth


Art:  drawing skills.


            At the seaside




Both use physical and human geographical terms to describe places

Year 1 : Begin to explore key places in the UK

Year 2 : Know the 4 countries in the UK

History: Seaside holidays in the past



Year 1 Summer (Seasonal change)

Year 2 : Living things and their habitats


Art: linked to local artist Chas Jacobs – seaside scenes.





Helping your child at home

The children have settled well in year one and are all working very hard. We are looking forward to meeting the Reception children next week! These are just a few suggestions of ways you can help your child at home.


We attempt to hear each child two or three times a week, but it is important you also listen to your child read each day.  Quality of reading is far more important than quantity so the aim isn’t to get through the books quickly but to read a bit at a time, focussing on sounding out words phonetically, particularly cvc words and learning irregular words by sight, e.g. the, said, to. Making flashcards with irregular words on can help.


It is important that the children learn to form their letters correctly to gain a flow with their writing. We are basing our first letters on c once the children can form this correctly, they can use this to start the letters a, d, g and  e

If you would like some handwriting sheets to work on at home please ask, I also have sheets to help form numbers correctly.

Number work

You can help by ensuring your child can recognise, write and order numbers up to 20.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Extra Information


The children will be doing PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please will you make sure they have their kit in school.



Year 1 - Some children will be taking home 5 words a week - using the Look, Cover, Write, Check format. They will be tested every Monday and new spellings sent out on a Wednesday. You may find that the children are repeating some words from last year but they need to be secure in applying them to their writing independently.  



We have enjoyed working in our baby clinic.

We made skeletons when we were learning about bones and joints.

Thank you for sending in so many baby things we have enjoyed looking  at them and talking about them.  

The  year 1 children have been learning the correct fingering on the keyboard in ICT. We have been using the Dance Mat typing level one programme. This is a BBC programme on the internet, it would be useful for the childrn to have a go at home.

We have been learning about shapes and we went on a shape hunt in the school grounds.

Year 1 children have been doing some science investigations. One group wanted to find out if children with the longest legs could run the fastest

First the children measured each others leg length, then they made sure they all started at the same place and at the same time and then they had a race.

The second group decided to find out if the person with the longest arm could throw a beanbag the furthest.

First they measured the length of their arms and then they checked they all had the same beanbag, it was important that they all threw from the same spot.

Today we have been giving instructions to the Bee Bot.

We have had lots of fun making our moving vehicles! We used boxes to make the body of the vehicle and then added wheels and axles. Finally we painted them to our own design and had a go at playing with them!

Visit to the Judge's Lodgings


Year 1 had a fantastic time on  their visit to the Judge's Lodgings. We played Victorian games, made a pot porri bag, stirred some christmas pudding, made Christmas cornucopias and we were even lucky enough to meet Father Christmas! Mrs Waterhouse and Ms Pottinger particularly enjoyed singing round the Christmas tree before we left. Year 1 were also really excited to tell the Reception children in our class all about their visit. We showed them some pictures and the things that we made - I think the Reception children are very excited for when it will be their turn! 

A Victorian Nursery


The children have had a fantastic time playing in our Victorian Nursery. They have dressed up as Victorian children and played with toys such as skittles, chalk boards, hobby horses and wodden trains. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to!

Merry Christmas!


We would just like to say a very Happy Christmas to all the children in Reception/Year 1 and their families. We have had a fantastic term - the children have worked very hard and taken part in lots of exciting activities on the way! We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. 

Mrs Waterhouse and Ms Pottinger

The reception children had fun investigating ice.

We have been developing our weighing skills.

The children have settled back in really well this term and have had lots of fun working on our hot and cold places topic! We have learned lots about hot countries - focusing on Africa and the story 'Handa's Surprise'. Now we are starting to learn about cold places - focusing on the polar regions. We look forward to seeing lots of you at our class assembly about hot and cold places! Here are some photos of us going exploring in our jungle safari role play.

We're going on a bear hunt!


We've been on a bear hunt.


These children have all learnt to read 100 key words.

Sienna Smith                                        Charlie Weaver

Gracie Atkinson                                    Thomas Melrose

Macy Angus                                           Zakariya Kaldy

Jack Helme                                           Thomas ashton

Tia Baxter                                             Harry Fitzgerald

Eli pink                                                  Sophia Kane

Wow! Gracie Atkinson, Macy -Eve Angus and Sienna smith can spell all the 100 key words.


The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch


The children have really enjoyed our work on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We have found out lots about lighthouses and Grace Darling as well as making up new disgusting sandwich ideas ready to write our own version of the story! Next week we are even going to make a picnic for Mr Grinling ourselves - let's hope the seagulls don't get it first!

Have a look below at the super lighthouses we have made - many thanks for all the contributions of boxes, yoghurt pots etc!

Picnic Time!


We had a fantastic time on Monday afternoon making and eating our delicious picnic. It was meant to be for Mr. Grinling but luckily there was enough for us too! We made sandwiches, a fruit salad and we were even lucky enough to have a little chocolate biscuit as a treat too! We kept a look out for the scavenging seagulls but luckily they didn't steal our food!

Easter Gardens


Year 1 had a lovely time making their Easter gardens this week. Thank you so much for all the things that you sent in, much appreciated.

Happy Easter!

Reception children investigated change when something is hot or cold.  They enjoyed melting the jelly and then waiting for it to set again.

Year 1 children enjoyed baking chicken biscuites, they had to be very carefully weighing the ingredients.

The Reception children had an exciting time visiting the Life Boat station in Morecambe.  This was part of their work on people who help us.

We now have our own lifeboat station in the classroom.

It was lovely being out in the sunshine looking for plants in the school grounds.  The school pond has LOTS of tadpoles in it.

Firefighter Visit!


The Reception children have been learning about people who help us and the whole class were lucky enough to get a visit from a Firefighter! We asked lots of questions and learned all about what firefighters do. We even got to try on the uniform and the helmet!

Year 1 children have had a fantastic day at Leighton Moss.  We loved the pond dipping and the mini-beast hunt, we saw a toad and a newt.






Reception children having great fun on the bikes and scooters.

A few weeks ago we planted some seeds, they have now grown into plants ready to go into the school garden.  We had fun carefully planting them, we need to make sure they get plenty of water. 

We have been developing our balancing skills using the large apparatus in P.E.

It was fun using our map reading skills to help us look for clues in the school grounds.

We have been learning about direction.  Today we used the i-pads to programme the BeeBpt to go in difeerent directions.

Later in the day we went outside to learn how to use a compass to find directions.

We are having fun during outside week.

We are proud of the plants we grew earlier in the year.