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19th January 18
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Reception Acorn

Welcome to Reception

Our teacher is : Mrs G Cunningham

We are also helped by : Ms M Bland

Our themes for the year (2017 - 18) are:


  Theme 1 Theme 2
Autumn Term


   Nursery Rhymes



    People who help us

Spring Term

  Weather and seasons





        New Life

Summer Term

    Our five senses


   Let's explore books!


Spring term 2018


We have started our new topic of 'The Weather', beginning with ice and cold. We have thought about the world around us now that it is winter time and we have explored ice. 

Our problem on Wednesday was working out how to free the dinosaurs from their ice blocks. Everyone worked hard chipping off bits of ice and trying to make the ice melt faster by holding it! When we went home at night we had to leave 2 of them still frozen, but they were free the next day.

Santa Dash and Christmas Jumper Day


What fabulous Christmas jumpers, antlers and hats!

Everyone ran round the runing track twice - it was great fun!

Our Christmas Party


We have had a fantastic 2 days working on our Christmas party! We have all worked together, as one big Reception class. If you want to see some more photos there are plenty more on the Willow class page.

On Monday we made crackers, paper chains, party hats and jellies, then on Tuesday morning we made chocolate crispie cakes, jam sandwiches & decorated biscuits.

Tuesday afternoon was great fun with plenty of dancing, party games (Mrs Cunningham enjoyed 'Pin the Nose on Rudolph') and eating. We had an extra special visitor who came to talk to us and who gave out some presents too. It was lovely to have so many parents with us at the end of the day - thank you, it helped to make it extra special.

Everyone - even the teachers - had a great time!




In the last weeks of term we are exploring Christmas.

We started off by learning all about the First Christmas - we even had a Stable role play area so that everyone could be a part of acting out the Nativity story.

Today the children have performed in the first of our KS1 plays and they were brilliant musicians - well done to all Reception!

Our role play area is back to a home corner now, the children are so looking forward to having the chance to decorate our tree as part of their play!

We have started to make a few Christmas decorations and we're looking forward to getting our rooms ready for our party next week.

We have been exploring 2D shapes in Maths and the children have made these great pictures.

Happy St Andrew's Day!


This week we have been finding out about St Andrew and Scotland.

We have made tartan, dressed dolls in tartan clothes we cut out, tasted Scottish shortbread and had great fun trying out some Scottish dancing.



We were very excited to have firefighters and a fire engine in school to day!

Posting Letters


This week we are learning about The Post. We wrote letters in groups and walked to the post box on Shady Lane to post them. Now we are waiting for them to be delivered to school!



Today Mr Brownsmith came to talk to us about being a police officer. He showed us all sorts of equipment and then he dressed Miss Bland up in his riot gear! It was very hot and heavy inside all that.

We all got in the very big police van, we tried to hold the big red key (it was incredibly heavy) and we held the very big shield.

Thank you Mr Brownsmith, it was great!



This week we have looked at the work of some of the Emergency Services. Today 2 Policemen came to visit. We tried on lots of their uniform and everyone got to sit in the police car! 

Bonfire Night


This week we have learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes. The children thoroughly enjoyed this one and can remember so much about it, if you ask them they should surprise you by what they know! They have had a great time taking on the roles of the characters too.

We have had 'Fizzing Fireworks' in our dance lesson and done some fantastic artwork to go with our topic. In these photos you can see chalk drawings of fireworks, collaged bonfire scenes and some great ICT bonfire pictures.

To carry on with our Autumn work we have explored vegetables - looking at them, printing with them and then tasting vegetable soup!

We made these sculptures of our faces in our RE work. 

Autumn Time


We are thinking about the changes in the world around us now that it is Autumn. We used our school grounds to look at the trees and their leaves.

We have taken leaf rubbings and prints as well as working on the computers to make autumn colour patterns.

1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive


Our Nursery Rhyme this week is '1,2,3,4,5' so today we have looked at some real fish - herring and mackerel! Some of the children were very brave and even picked up the fish for a closer look.

Harvest Week


This week we celebrated Harvest, with our own little assembly in school. We have thought about different types of food and today we tasted all sorts of bread - the baguette was very popular!

In Maths we have been thinking about taller and shorter and had great fun in the Wildlife Area (or 'Forest' as the children call it!), finding things which are taller and shorter.

1,2 Buckle my Shoe


Well, we've reached the end of the first full week in school. There are some very tired children here, but everyone is so settled and cheerful!

We've had a great week exploring feet and shoes, if you look carefully at the photo of our display you will see that the children even walked through paint in their bare feet!

The children have all settled so well into the routines of our school life - we're ready for dinners today!

Here are photos of some of our work - don't the spiders and their webs look great?

Next week we'll be exploring the rhyme '1,2 Buckle My Shoe' and looking carfeully at shoes and feet.