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19th January 18
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Reception Willow

Continuing our Winter Theme!


This week we have been very lucky to receive a visit from a specialist dance teacher who taught us a fabulous 'Snow Dance'. The children did extremely well learning and remembering the moves and then performing to the rest of the class.

We also found out what happened to the juice we put into our lolly moulds and then into the freezer. We were able to enjoy some delicious ice lollies before they melted and also found out what happened to the ones that we left in the classroom. As one child said - ' At least we didn't leave them on the floor because there would have been a big puddle!'. The children demonstrated their excellent understanding of what happens to liquid when it gets very cold and then why this melts when it gets warmer. Well done Willow Class!

Making Snow!


We have had great fun this afternoon making snow in the classroom! We used shaving foam and baking powder and mixed it until we got the consistency of snow - then we were able to make snowman and snowballs!



Happy New Year! Welcome back - we hope you have all had a very lovely Christmas. Our focus for the start of this term is Weather. This week and next week we will be learning about winter and what types are weather are (sometimes!) typical for winter. We particularly enjoyed our walk to find signs of winter and were very excited to find ice in our outdoor area and lots of frosty leaves! We have started to understand what happens to water when it gets very cold and then what happens when it warms up again. We have lots more super learning activities planned and are really looking forward to another fantastic term in Willow Class.

All Aboard the Polar Express!


It's not long until our Elf, Sparkle, will need to go back to the North Pole in time for Christmas. Today, we arrived in the classroom to find Sparkle riding aboard the train in our small world area! With him, he had 22 special golden tickets labelled 'Polar Express' (enough for each child, Miss Hayton and Mrs Hole to climb aboard!).


We read the story of the Polar Express before making train models in the construction area, playing with the train set in the small world area and drawing the Polar Express in the creative area!


This afternoon, we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows whilst watching clips from The Polar Express (we especially enjoyed the scene where the children on the train enjoyed hot chocolates too - we felt like we were in the film!). What a magical afternoon we had!


Merry Christmas to everyone - we hope you have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing all the children in the New Year ready for another fun filled term!


Mrs Waterhouse, Miss Hayton and Mrs Hole

Christmas Party Time!


We have had a lovely couple of days in Acorn and Williw classes. We have joined together to make all the decorations, hats and food for our party. We made some lovely paper chains and Christmas crackers - they even had a special treat inside! Then we decorated biscuits, made crispie cakes, sandwiches and jelly to eat at our party!

We enjoyed lots of dancing and party games and we even had a very special visitor at the end of our party!




For the last few weeks of term, we are VERY excited to be learning all about Christmas! This week, the children have performed in our KS1 plays and we're sure that you will agree that they were fantastic! Well done Reception!


We have learnt all about the First Christmas and acted out the story in the small world area. We have also enjoyed playing in our Santa's Grotto role play area, writing letters and Christmas cards in our writing area and making lots of fabulous creations in our creative area!


Our elf, Sparkle, has kept us very busy with his mischievous ways! He set us special counting challenges when we found him making marshmallow snow angels, showed us how to paint a nativity scene when we found him in our nativity small world and inspired us to write letters to Santa when we found him reading 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' in the reading area. He even wrapped toilet paper around the Christmas tree!


Tomorrow, we will begin to make our Christmas cards as part of our maths focus. We will be doing lots of measuring and comparing lengths to create colourful Christmas trees! Keep your eyes peeled on here to find out how we get on!



Ice cream tasting!


Last week, we were very lucky as we had a special visit from some Business Studies students from University of Cumbria. They have been working with Leonardini's Ice Cream and Gelato Boutique in Lancaster and they wanted us to taste some ice cream and tell them which were the best flavours! We could even design our own dream ice cream flavours for them. 


What a fantastic afternoon we had! The children were brilliant and tried so many new ice cream flavours, from coffee to Twix to lemon flavours. Some we liked, some we didn't and that's okay - we just had a drink and the taste went away! Well done, Reception!

Sparkle the Elf!


We arrived at school this morning to a very special surprise! Father Christmas has sent Sparkle the Elf to our classroom. We got a very special letter from Father Christmas explaining why he has sent Sparkle and we are looking forward to having lots of fun with Sparkle over the next few weeks and to show him how hard we work in Willow Class!

Firefighter Maths!


This week in maths, we have been looking at taking away numbers. Today, we had a very exciting maths lesson where we practised 'taking away' in lots of ways - from dressing up as firefighters to putting out chalk fires with water!

Firefighter Visit


We have had more visitors at school today! How lucky are we?! Today, we were visited by two firefighters, who came in to talk to us about their jobs and how they help others. 


We were able to hold a special camera that works off heat, look at all the bits on real fire engine (and sit inside!), listen to what a fire alarm sounds like and watch as the firefighters dressed Miss Hayton up in a full firefighter uniform! What a fantastic afternoon - we have learnt so much about firefighters! 


A big thank you to Amy's Mum for organising this fabulous visit!

Morning Zumba!


To warm up for PE this morning, we had a go at some Zumba! We followed the dance routine on the screen really well and tried some tricky dance moves! What a fantastic time we had! 

Posting Our Letters!


We had such an exciting week last week with all our many visitors! We thought it would be nice to tell Mr Bowden all about it so we decided to write him a letter. We each wrote a letter to Mr Bowden telling him all about our favourite part of the police officer's visits. We then put each letter in an envelope with a stamp in the corner. 


On Friday, we walked to the post box to post our letters and talked about the journey our letters will take to arrive back at school. Yesterday, our letters arrived! Mr Bowden came into our classroom to thank us for our super letters!


A huge thank you to the parents who volunteered to help us on our walk - much appreciated!



A Crime Scene in the Classroom!


We have had a very exciting day in Willow class today! We came in after lunch to find a crime scene in the classroom! The small world area was in a mess, sand was everywhere, cars were upside down and a car was missing! We chose a police inspector, interviewed the suspects, collected evidence and made a wanted poster. We then sent teams out to find the culprit and missing car! The children were absolutely fantastic - thinking of questions to ask and looking for evidence to solve the crime. We solved the crime eventually and the missing car was returned! Well done Willow Class!

Visit from Pudsey!


For Children in Need, we raised lots of money and learnt all about how our money will help other children who need it most. We held a school cake sale and enjoyed eating lots of yummy cakes!


To say thank you for our fundraising efforts, we had a visit from a very special guest, Pudsey Bear! We loved having Pudsey in our classroom and he even showed us how to do a 'Pudsey dab'!

    Visit from a Police Inspector!


    We have been incredibly lucky as lots of people who help us have offered to come and talk to the children about their jobs. Today, Mr Brownsmith came to talk to us about being a police inspector. He showed us all sorts of equipment and then he dressed Miss Bland up in his riot gear! We agreed that it must be tricky for police officers when they have to wear it as it became very hot and heavy inside all the layers!

    We were able to look inside the police van, tried to hold the big red key (it was incredibly heavy) and held the huge shields.

    Amy and Riley even got to sit in the front seat to start the sirens!

    Thank you Mr Brownsmith!

    Police Visit!


    Next week, we will begin to explore the Emergency Services part of our People Who Help Us topic.

    Today, we were lucky enough to have Sgt Adie Knowles and PC Olly come to visit to kick start the next part of our topic. We tried on lots of uniform and everyone got to sit in the police car! What a fantastic time we had!

    We listened incredibly well to the police officers and learnt so much about what they do!

    People Who Help us


    We have had a super start to our People Who Help Us topic. We have learnt about lots of different people who help us and painted some fantastic pictures. 

    We have focused on postmen and postwomen so far and we have listened to the story of 'The Jolly Postman'. The children were excited to receive their own letters from the Jolly Postman and even used them to practise their numbers to 20! We have completed some Postman Pat games on the computers and are starting to get really good at using a mouse to click and drag objects. 

    As part of our 'wow' science we investigated what happened when we added mentos to our 'superhero' bottle of coke. The children were amazing with their predictions and were very excited to see what happened! Unfortunately the video won't upload to the website but I'm sure they can tell you all about it!

    Well done Willow class you are working so hard and have lots more exciting things to come!


    Fantastic Fireworks!


    As it was Bonfire Night over the weekend, we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We have created lots of beautiful firework artwork. from printing colourful fireworks to creating paint explosions by blowing through a straw! How lovely do they look?!


    This afternoon, we had an extra special treat! We made our very own sparklers using chocolate fingers and sprinkles before sitting down to watch Disney fireworks on the interactive whiteboard. What a magical afternoon!


    We have also practised our writing this week by writing the different sounds that fireworks can make and have enjoyed using tweezers to collect stars from gloop in the finger gym. We even had our very own bonfire in the classroom role play area, along with sparklers and toffee apples!


    Next week, we begin our 'People Who Help Us' topic, starting with the postal service.



    We're Going on a Shape Hunt!


    In maths this week, we have been exploring 2D shapes. We have learnt the names of different 2D shapes, made pictures using shapes and enjoyed a shape hunt around school! 


    We spotted lots of different shapes around the school grounds, such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. We noticed that the goal posts are rectangles, that logs often have circle shapes at the end and that the roof of a house looks like a triangle!

    Fun with the Parachute!


    What great fun we had with the parachute this morning! We had to work together to make waves and lift the parachute up and down in the air. We 'camped' inside the parachute by creating our own little tent and played team games where had to listen really carefully to instructions to see if it was our turn to swap places!


    What a fantastic first half term it has been! We hope you all enjoy the holidays! 

    Our Special Bags


    The children have had a lovely time this morning sharing what they have brought in their special bags with the rest of the class. The children were able to explain what they had brought and why it was special to them.

    Thank you for your support with this!

    Our Autumn topic


    Today marks the end of our two weeks exploring all things Autumn! Thank you again for all the bits you have brought in, the children have really enjoyed looking at them all. Here is a glimpse of what we have been up to this week!


    Next week, we will be ending the half term by returning to our nursery rhyme focus and will be exploring the rhyme '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught A Fish Alive'.  

    Parcel from Percy the Park Keeper!


    What an exciting morning we had! We arrived back from assembly to find that we had received a very special parcel! We looked at what was inside and thought about who it might be from. After lots of suggestions, from a gardener to Percy the Park Keeper, we read the letter and found out that it was in fact from Percy!


    He was writing to us to see if we could use our knowledge of addition to help him work out how many gardening tools he had to store away in preparation for winter. All of his animals in the park were incredibly busy migrating, hibernating and storing food for winter so he needed our help!


    We did a super job counting how many spades there were and how many watering cans there were, before counting them all to see how many we had in total. Percy now knows how much equipment he has to store in his shed for winter - a job well done, Reception!

    Autumn Maths


    The children have been working really hard on their number skills over the last few weeks. We have been learning to count carefully, compare amounts and recognise numbers. This week we have started to learn about addition - we have acted out number stories and used lots of Autumn items to answer simple addition problems. Why don't you ask your child to show you their super addition skills at home?!

    Multi-skills in PE


    Today, we've enjoyed another fantastic multi-skills session with Mr Fletcher! We practised our ball skills through rolling, dribbling, throwing, catching and guiding the ball. 



    We have had a fantastic start to our Autumn topic! Thank you so much for all the Autumn bits you have sent in - much appreciated!

    The children loved our 'Autumn Walk' where we explored the school grounds for signs of Autumn. We have also enjoyed lots of Autumn themed activities in our classroom from making repeating patterns out of Autumn items to counting and sorting them and creating beautiful Autumn pictures! We have used our super computer skills to produce some Autumn art work on Dazzle and have started to create some lovely pictures out of leaf rubbings! What a start and we still have lots of exciting activities to come!

    Supertato to the Rescue!


    As part of Harvest week, we thought about where our food comes from. We read the story of Supertato (I'm sure you've heard all about the Evil Pea!) and we talked about the journey our food takes to reach the supermarket shelves. 


    What a super time we had exploring Supertato! First, the Evil Pea stopped our counting song from working! In order to get it back, we had to complete a special counting challenge involving peas. The next day, we arrived after lunch to a crime scene! We discovered that the Evil Pea had captured all the vegetables, just like in the story! 


    "Supertato to the rescue!" the children said!


    We then role played the story using real vegetables, made our own Supertato models, shared the story with our friends, constructed houses for Supertato and of course, we freed the poor vegetables from the Evil Pea! 



    This week we celebrated Harvest and held our own little assembly in school. We have thought about different types of food and how thankful we are for the food we have. As you can see, we enjoyed exploring the sensory farm, practising our letters in our Autumn sensory tray, role playing in our fruit and vegetable shop and tasting different kinds of bread!

    Let's go to the Dough Disco!


    On a Thursday morning, we have lots of fun dancing along to music with playdough - but with purpose! Through pinching, squashing, splatting, pushing, pulling and rolling the dough, we develop our finger muscles which will help us to write. We had our first session today and were so sensible with the dough on the carpet. What a super time we had!

    1, 2, Buckle My Shoe


    We've nearly reached the end of another busy week in Willow Class! We have been exploring shoes and feet throughout this week. As part of this, we have read the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker, made rubbings of our feet, labelled our feet, practised lacing, found out how different shoes are made, counted socks and shoes in different arrangements, created our own beautiful Andy Warhol-inspired pop art with our feet and enjoyed playing in our shoe shop!


    Next week, we will be thinking about Harvest time.

    Multi-skills in PE


    What a great time we had during our first multi-skills session with Mr Fletcher from Heysham High School! We learnt to travel in a range of different ways, move in different directions and work together during team games. We are lucky enough to have these multi-skills sessions every Wednesday morning throughout this half term!

    Twinkle, Twinkle


    Well, we've reached the end of our first full week in school and have lots of tired children! The children have continued to settle really well into school life and have had super week exploring our topic, 'Twinkle, Twinkle'.


    What a busy week it has been! We have learnt all about light and dark and have enjoyed finding out which materials allow light to shine through. We have also looked at nocturnal animals and thought about which animals might come out at night time. After reading the story 'Owl Babies', we painted some beautiful owl pictures! Don't they look lovely?!


    Here are some pictures of our learning this week. Next week, our topic will be '1, 2, Buckle My Shoe', where we will be thinking about our feet and shoes. 

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears


    Wow! What a fantastic first couple of weeks we have had in school! We are very pleased with how well the children have settled into our school life. 


    Here are some photos of our classroom areas this week to give you an insight into our learning environment. This week, we have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have read the story, practised our letters in porridge oats, built the three bears' house, sorted items by size, created some brilliant Golidlocks art work and even made our own porridge! We have also enjoyed singing 'When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears' together and role playing the story in our role play area- phew, what a busy week!


    Next week, we will be exploring the nursery rhyme 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' with a focus on light and dark and nocturnal animals. We will take plenty of photos of our learning so keep your eyes peeled on here to find out what we have been up to!

    Welcome to Reception - Willow Class


    A big warm welcome to everyone who has joined us at Slyne-with-Hest St. Luke's!


    We are very much looking forward to getting to know the children and seeing them grow and develop throughout their time with us. We thought that it might be useful to provide a little information on here about what happens day-to-day in Reception. 



    PE for Reception is on a Wednesday and Friday morning. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school and that their uniform is named, thank you.


    Outdoor learning

    We do go outside in all weathers, both as part of our class life and at school playtime. Please make sure that your child has a suitable coat for playing out, with a hood if possible.



    Please try to make sure that children pass letters, forms, envelopes to us as they walk through the gate each morning. We will remind them to double check their book bags for any of these things when they put them away. 


    Snack and water

    Fruit is provided at morning playtime therefore the children do not need to bring a snack to school. Please ensure they bring a bottle of water each day and that this is clearly labelled with their name. They will have access to this throughout the day. 



    Once the children are settled into school, they will be given reading books from our reading scheme and will begin daily phonics sessions. Don't worry, we will keep you updated with this!


    In the meantime, should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesistate to contact us, either at the school gate or via the contact form below.


    Many thanks,

    Mrs Waterhouse, Miss Hayton and Mrs Hole. 


    Contact us


    If you have any comments, questions or queries, please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.